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We have expertises for you industries. You can explore industries most relevant to you.


Automotive & Mobility

We help top management make breakthrough decisions that generate profitable growth through improved cost positions and increased efficiency.


We develop technology and innovation to develop agriculture. with an efficient team

Climate Impact of Plastics

We have a process to manage and reduce plastic problems. with environmentalists and environmental researchers to guide your company

Consumer Packaged Goods

We have a team in the financial industry. and banks in Thailand that are ready to give advice and connect the innovation of the future to your business.

Healthcare Systems & Services

Our cross-disciplinary insights can help you fuel innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies and achieve maximum, sustained value. We operate as one practice, with expertise

Life Sciences

We are different from general consulting firms. because we are full of researchers Scientists and developers, we give you the best and make a difference for your business.

Public & Social Sector

We strive to innovate, create and develop modern technological innovations, aiming to be a leader in the development of innovative products and technological services with excellence.

Protection & Security

Our innovations come to help in management. safety in criminal background checks and checkpoints set up by the police in the digital field at the national level

Real Estate

to help in the management of residential buildings in places where a large number of people live It is not possible to predict what natural events will occur.

Wholesale & Retail

Come to help in retail-wholesale trade, opening a channel for manufacturers and consumers to sell products directly to each other through our innovative Connect system.


We have expertises for you industries. You can explore industries most relevant to you.


As executives in the technology space well know, running software, hardware and technology service businesses presents unique management challenges.

Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure

Our deep expertise in digital-enabled transport, logistics and tourism ensures that your organization takes care of people.

Utilities & Renewables

Utilities in the form of a gateway cut money from the Connect system, which is an additional channel to increase convenience and security for the people, including easy.

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